The Gulf Coast Corporate Cup is a group of organizations, businesses, and clubs in the Mobile, AL area that get together to participate in the local running races and compete amongst one another. The teams are broken up into divisions and the scoring for the races follows a handicap system based on age and gender. There are awards based on race performance as well as overall participation.

How To Join

  1. Gather a team of at least 3 members. More, of course, is better. In race scoring up to 6 members can have an impact on the results (3 scorers and 3 bumpers)
  2. Pay $25 to register your team (covers administration and season awards)
  3. Come to the Team Captain's meeting to help vote on which races will be part of the Corporate Cup Season (Optional)
  4. Come out and run!
  5. View your results and revel in your team's performance

Contact Will Wright for more information -

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